With “Mad Max”, George Miller pulls out all the stops again

Nine years later Mad Max Fury RoadGeorge Miller is back for a prequel to the film, Furiosa which will be in theaters next Wednesday. Anya Taylor-Joy embodies this warrior of a postapocalyptic world facing Chris Hemsworth as a flamboyant villain. This uninterrupted series of breathtaking action scenes shows that the filmmaker of 79 Spring can beat many young directors in the area of ​​stunts and other chase sequences.

“The saga has evolved with the times and that’s what still makes it exciting to film,” George Miller explains to 20 minutes. We started in the 1970s with the means at hand and today we benefit from techniques that allow us to make crazy sequences in complete safety because we can preview them on a computer. » George Miller had the time of his life bringing to life new colorful characters including the one played by Chris Hemsworth who resolutely stands out from his composition of the Marvel superhero Thor.

An Australian saga

Landfills The Americans have the saga Star Warsthe English have that of Harry Potter and Australia can boast of having generated Mad Max, an idea that the filmmaker embraces with pleasure. “The first Mad Max with Mel Gibson was designed for Australia, whose landscapes we exploited because we didn’t have a penny. In Furiosa also, I exploited the contrasts of the local landscapes with desert corners and lush others. »

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George Miller is surprised to be here almost forty-four years later Mad Max to continue talking about the world he created. “I wasn’t planning on doing it straight away and that’s what also differentiates Mad Max other sagas, he said. It is only at the moment of Mad Max 2 that I understood that I had created archetypes and that this universe was inexhaustible. »

A woman almost like any other

Furiosa, heroine doped with the desire for revenge, finds a special place in the pantheon of great cinematographic figures. She’s not only strong, she’s also wild and resourceful. But George Miller refuses to consider his film as feminist. “It’s up to the public to decide whether it is or not.” I just want to clarify that I did not invent the character to defend any cause. My films are allegories, specifies the filmmaker. Whether it be Babe, Happy Feet or Mad Max And Furiosa, they are made to be interpreted according to the feelings of the spectators. »

The feeling is that of having received powerful adrenaline rushes in the company of a heroine that we would like to find in the guise of Anya Taylor-Joy or Charlize Theron who played her in Fury Road. So when’s the sequel? “The universe of Mad Max has lived in my head for so long that I always have ideas, he admits, but since I finished this film ten days ago, I’m going to wait a little longer to think about the next one. » We would like George Miller not to wait nine years to offer us a new adventure. Furiosa makes you want to see more!

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