Will rapper Freeze Corleone and his remarks deemed anti-Semitic be deprogrammed from Boomin Fest?

It was through a message from a woman from Rennes that the alert reached the office of the elected representatives of the opposition group Libertés d’agir. According to its leader Charles Compagnon, the woman was surprised to see Freeze Corleone being scheduled for a hip-hop evening organized on March 18, 2023 at Liberté as part of the Boomin Fest. Headlining this second edition, the rapper is criticized for some of his texts, deemed anti-Semitic. “He praises Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich”, denounced the elected in city council Monday evening.

In 2020, the Licra had already pinned the controversial texts of the rapper born in the Paris region. “I arrive determined like Adolf in the 1930s”, “every day RAF [rien à foutre] of the Shoah” or even “like Swiss bankers, everything for the family so that my children live like Jewish pensioners”, can we hear in particular in certain pieces. These remarks had led to the opening of an investigation, and the record company Universal France had released the rapper. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin had also asked his services to study legal remedies. Since then, the Senegal-based rapper has not been convicted.

A concert in Montreal canceled under pressure

Recently, its programming at the Olympia in Montreal had been denounced by the B’nai Brith Canada association, which presents itself as “the oldest Jewish organization still in activity in the world”. “Corleone’s rhetoric goes far beyond the limits of artistic expression”, denounced the director of B’nai B’rith quoted by Radio Canada. The concert scheduled for December 4 had finally been canceled. Will it be the same in Rennes? In any case, this is what the elected Charles Compagnon is asking for. “In Rennes, are we going to welcome this person? The inconsistency is, on the one hand, to do a duty of memory with the veterans, on May 8, to celebrate the victory of the Allies over Nazism […] and on the other hand receive this Freeze Corleone. In political action, there are red lines that should not be crossed. For our group, the arrival of this singer is clearly a red line. And you, Madam Mayor, where do you place your red line? “Questioned the elected opposition.

Mayor Nathalie Appéré admitted having discovered the rapper’s programming “last week”. The elected socialist wishes to contact Citedia, a public company which manages the Salle du Liberté, where the festival is to be held in March “so that this programming is reviewed”. The mayor considers that the words of Freeze Corleone “are not acceptable”, while recalling the absence of condemnation.

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