Who will win ? Our report card for the final

We know the song: in the end, there can only be one. Or a. During the night from Saturday to Sunday (the live broadcast will be launched at 10 p.m. on TF1), the final of the star Academy will render its verdict. Who from Anisha, Enola, Léa or Louis will win? The games remain open… While waiting to find out who the public’s hearts will be, 20 minutes unveils his house report card.

Louis: 15.5/20, very good progress

Often at the star Academy, the key to victory lies in the course accomplished, with clear progress over the weeks. On this point, Louis wins hands down. From bonus to bonus, we saw him gaining confidence, having fun singing with Hyphen Hyphen or dancing in heels on Born This Way. And then there is his sympathy capital, undeniable. Its weak point is that it does not have a very marked universe. We imagine him somewhere between a pop sensitive to Pierre De Maere and a quality Clara Luciani-style variety, but he will above all have to develop his own identity. If he wins on Saturday, he will have to take the time to mature his album project. And then there, the best seems promised to him.

Enola: 14.5/20, the good student

If there is a candidate who completely matches the academic mindset of the star Academy, it’s her. Enola is diligent, conscientious, hardworking. All this, without being silly. Solar, she showed kindness and listened attentively to her comrades during these six weeks of broadcasting. If telecrochet was a real school, she would probably finish first in the class. The risk is that her slightly too serious and rigid side plays against her in the eyes of the public, who might prefer a more whimsical or moving profile. The universe of Enola is very focused on musical comedy and it is easy to imagine her finding her again soon, fulfilled within a troupe, in a future stage production.

Léa: 14/20, the diva of I don’t care

According to the feminists of the Glorious, since November 4, 9:10 a.m., women are no longer paid in France. Léa seems to have received the information in one way or another, so much was her nonchalance of the first few weeks turned into an acute and assumed laziness at the end of the race. So much so that she allowed herself to skip several sports lessons and not rush too much to get to singing lessons. This I don’t care risk costing her points because “either we like her or we hate her” is a risky strategy at a time when consensus must be sought. What plays for her, on the other hand, is her lunar side and her surreal statements, more irresistible than annoying. And above all, once she is on the set, in the spotlight, the magic happens: her charisma blazes, her voice imposes itself and imposes itself…

Anisha: 12/20, could do better

During the season launch bonus, we only had eyes and ears for her. Shocking with its cover of I am sick, Anisha had even received congratulations from Serge Lama. She then appeared THE obvious favorite for the final victory. We then discovered, over the days, not without emotion, his painful personal story. Then, little by little, it became more and more discreet, giving way behind more charismatic candidates. In six weeks, Anisha hasn’t really made any progress even though she arrived with very good technique from the start and gave very good performances. One cannot help but think that participating in The Voice would have been a better option for her.

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