“We were insulted, we were spat on”: the wife of the OM supporter attacked in Nantes testifies, the FCN condemns the facts

At the microphone of BFM-TV, Alicia Mahé, the wife of the man attacked Friday evening by Nantes supporters, denounced the violence suffered by her husband and the lack of support from the stewards during the Nantes-OM match (1-1 ). Installed in the Océane stand, and not in the visitor parking lot, she explains that it all started because her son was wearing an OM jersey, the club he supports. He had an OM jersey but he was waving the FC Nantes flag as muchshe says. He sang the Beaujoire anthem. My son is not a fanatic. He was deprived of a memorable evening because of the stupidity of some. »

We showed that we were happyshe continues. It was at that time that we suffered a surge of violence from certain individuals who were in the next gallery, the Loire tribune. We were insulted, we were spat on. We received cups of beer. I found out afterwards that we had also been urinated on. Some showed their sex. Without any steward intervention. This is especially what is unfortunate. » The family then asks the stewards to intervene. In vain, according to her. They replied: “I don’t have to intervene, it’s not my platform.” »

She continues a chilling story: The dad wanted to challenge the stewards, no one moved. He was positioned next to the fence. He received the full force of the flood of insults. We wanted to kick him through the fence. He got angry to defend his wife and son. » A few minutes pass after the assault. Nantes equalized before her husband suffered a heart attack. Then a second in the Samu vehicle which took him to the hospital. Saturday evening, the father of the family was better. He recovers somehow, he has no memory of what happened. The landing is hard but he’s fine », says his wife. For now, the family has not yet decided whether to file a complaint.

Conviction of FC Nantes

FC Nantes will file a complaint and condemn this serious incident this Sunday, which is expected in five days for the decision in the trial of the Kenzo case. “FC Nantes condemns in the strongest terms the unacceptable violence committed against an OM supporter family during the Nantes-Marseille match on Friday evening.. The club seeks to get in touch with the family to ensure its greatest solidarity. The CCTV images are being analyzed, a complaint will be filed on Monday. »

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