“We don’t give blacks and Arabs, obviously”… In Paris, racist food distributions

“We only give to white people. (…) All the profiteers, whether the Malagasy, the Romanians, the Pakistanis in their hundreds, the blacks and the Arabs obviously, we don’t give them, we won’t stoop to giving them a sandwich. » These openly racist comments were made by an activist from the ultra-right group Luminis during a “maraude” intended for the homeless targeting only white people. Remarks filmed by BFM TV and broadcast on Monday which sparked the reaction of two deputies of the mayor of Paris, asking the police prefect to ban these discriminatory raids.

“These are little quiches with sausage. » The investigation by the BFM program Ligne Rouge shows in particular activists distributing pork products, to exclude homeless people of Muslim faith. But not only. We can see the group turning away from a woman saying: “Oh no no she’s a gypsy, they’re the worst gypsies. » Or walk past a group of “Roma” homeless people, according to them.

“Admiration” for Nazism

The group clearly displays on social networks a preference for nationals. “Ours before the others! “, thus proclaims a post on. And a student declares without complexes on the images of BFM TV her “admiration” for Nazism: “We talk about the virile man, the feminine woman who must have lots of children (…) and then the purity of race,” she explains.

The report in question shows “the worst of humanity: sorting in solidarity, sorting according to ethnicity, sorting according to religion”, write Emmanuel Grégoire And Léa Filoche, respectively first deputy and deputy for solidarity, in a letter sent to AFP. “Extremely shocking, openly racist and discriminatory” remarks for the two deputies, “which are likely, in our opinion, to be criminalized and in any case sully the image of our city, while being likely to disturb public order.”

In 2007, the Council of State banned the distribution of “pig soups”. On its website, the Solidarité des Français (SDF) association which organized these meals claimed to discriminate against certain homeless people, with this slogan: “No soup, no dessert, ours before the others. »

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