“We are not in rugby”… Laurent Blanc not a fan of the sound system of the referees

This Olympique Lyonnais – FC Nantes (1-1) will remain in the annals of Ligue 1. Not for its quality of play, but because this first match of the 28th day saw the sound system of the referees being tested. Gently, at first, since the interaction between the referee Benoît Millot and the players was not audible for the viewers of the meeting, unlike what is done for example in Top 14.

Precisely, Laurent Blanc handled this comparison when returning to this first. “We knew it before the match and I told myself that we were going to be careful not to talk too much nonsense,” joked the Lyon coach.

Two friends, two very different opinions

“That the referee is in contact with the VAR, it is necessary but after, we are not in rugby. It’s not the same mentality. You know it well. Are we going to make recordings? Are we going to listen? When we are polite with the referee, we will not broadcast it. What are we going to broadcast? I don’t know if there is a sincere interest. I don’t know if it’s a good thing to hear from the players. I say it as I think. It can sometimes be…crispy. »

His Nantes counterpart and great friend Antoine Kombouaré has a very different opinion. “We were aware. I am in favor of doing what is necessary, so that everyone is on their toes, ”he explained. “It’s also good because the players will have to respect the refereeing body better, but we will also hear everything the referees say. There will be more transparency,” he said.

This is a nice discussion that is coming up between the two technicians during their next round of golf.

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