Washington insider: “Joe Biden is in grave danger”

What moves the men who risk their lives for the US President? Author Carol Leonnig asked her. Your glimpse into the heart of the Secret Service is harrowing.

Mrs. Leonnig, is Joe Biden actually safe?
no He’s in far more danger than, say, President Reagan was then.

Reagan was shot.
Yes, and he almost died.

Author Carol Leonnig

Author Carol Leonnig at the Washington Post offices

Carol Leonnig is one of the most important reporters for the “Washington Post”. She interviewed Trump in Florida – shortly after the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. And over almost a decade she spoke to people who otherwise remain invisible: with agents the Secret Service, the bodyguards of US Presidents. Those who jump towards a fired bullet in assassination attempts. And do their job as discreetly as they are politically neutral. At least so far, says Carol Leonnig.

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