War in Ukraine: Merz accuses Chancellor Scholz of indecisiveness – Russia submits proposal to Ukraine

Germany discusses Chancellor Scholz’s speech and arms deliveries. Ukrainian soldiers ask for evacuation from Mariupol. The developments in star-Live blog.

The most important thing about the Ukraine war on Wednesday, April 20, at a glance:

  • Merz accuses Scholz of being indecisive about arms deliveries
  • According to Russia, it submits a proposal for a negotiated solution
  • Inspector General justifies no to arms deliveries by the Bundeswehr
  • Announced evacuation corridor for civilians from Mariupol
  • Ukrainian troops in Mariupol send dramatic appeal
  • Ukraine Ambassador Melnyk disappointed by Scholz’s speech
  • Selenskyj reports on a Russian deployment

STERN 15_22 school bags Ukraine 8.31

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