War against Ukraine: ++ Morawiecki calls for EU financial aid ++

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Status: 04/28/2022 01:03 am

Poland’s Prime Minister Morawiecki is calling for EU financial aid to take in refugees from Ukraine, as was done for Turkey in 2015. Selenskyj calls the Russian gas supply stop “energy blackmail”. All developments in the live blog.

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Selenskyj criticizes Russian gas supply freeze: “Energy blackmail”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has sharply criticized Russia’s freeze on gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. “This week the Russian leadership started a new series of energy blackmail against the Europeans,” Zelenskyy said in a video message in the evening. The delivery stop is “another argument that nobody in Europe can hope for normal economic cooperation with Russia”. “Russia considers not only gas, but also any other trade as a weapon.” For this, Moscow is just waiting for a favorable moment. “Either to politically blackmail the Europeans. Or to strengthen the Russian war machine, which sees a united Europe as the goal,” said Zelenskyj. The sooner Europe realizes that it cannot be dependent on Russia for trade, the sooner the stability of the European markets will be guaranteed.

1:03 a.m

Morawiecki calls for EU financial aid like 2015 for Turkey

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is pressing the European Union for help to take in refugees. His country cares for wounded soldiers from Ukraine and accommodates “2.5 million refugees, for whom we Poles have opened our doors and hearts. We need money for that,” Morawiecki told the Bild newspaper. But the EU has “so far not paid a cent” for the care of the refugees. Poland wants fair treatment: “Turkey received billions in support for the last wave of refugees. I think we too deserve EU help now.”

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