Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Russian forces of intensively mining the territories they are abandoning

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1:05 p.m. : Russian opponent Ilya Yashin was found guilty by a Moscow court of broadcasting “fake news” on the Russian army by criticizing the offensive in Ukraine. His sentence has not yet been announced. His trial was particularly watched in Russia, as he was one of the last prominent Russian opponents not to have fled the country or not been imprisoned.


12:56 : Borodyanka, Ukraine.

In the middle of the houses in ruins because of the Russian bombardments, we went to see the works of Banksy

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12:56 : How are Ukrainians living after more than nine months of conflict? Our journalist Lucie Chaumette is in Borodianka, near kyiv, to report on daily life in the country. You can follow the special franceinfo program from 5 p.m. on channel 27.

12:24 p.m. : This is not the first time that kyiv has accused Moscow of mistreating Ukrainian personnel on the site of the Zaporizhia power plant. At the end of September, its managing director was arrested by Russian forces, before being released a few days later.

12:34 p.m. : Ukraine accuses Russia of detaining two employees of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, militarily occupied by Moscow. Yesterday, “The Russian army broke into the premises where the central’s social programs department is located and (…) violently beat the head of the department, Oleksiï Troubenkov, and his deputy, Yuriï Androsov”according to Energoatom. “After this violent beating”Russian forces “brought them out and took them in an unknown direction”continues the Ukrainian nuclear operator.

11:55 a.m. : How are Ukrainians living after more than nine months of conflict? The news channel of France Télévisions relocates its antenna and offers a special edition from kyiv in order to report on daily life in the country. The show will be presented by Louis Laforge and Lucie Chaumette. See you from 5 p.m. on franceinfo, channel 27.

Lucie Chaumette and Louis Laforge present a special edition from kyiv, Friday October 9th.  (FRANCEINFO) (FRANCEINFO)

10:14 a.m. : “Mine terrorism will be among the charges against Russia.”

The Ukrainian president yesterday accused Russian forces of intensively mining and trapping the territories they abandon during their withdrawals from Ukraine. “Buried landmines, tripwires, mined buildings, cars and infrastructure… This is more than 170,000 square kilometers of dangerous territory”he added. Follow the latest developments in the conflict in our live.

09:52 : A diary was unearthed in the Izium region of northeastern Ukraine after Russian troops withdrew last September. Its author, Volodymyr Vakulenko, methodically described the war before being executed by Russian forces for his anti-Moscow positions.

Relatives of Volodymyr Vakulenko during his funeral in Kharkiv (Ukraine), December 6, 2022 (SERGEY KOZLOV / EPA) (SERGEY KOZLOV / EPA)

07:08 : The daily Release chooses for its part to look into the supply of humanitarian aid in Ukraine, within the framework of the conflict. While the NGOs were only able to benefit from 0.3% of the aid collected by the UN, journalists went there to report on the situation. (RELEASE)

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