Vohburg: dead boy from the Danube – police reconstructed face – Bavaria

Six months after the discovery of a child’s corpse in the Danube near Vohburg, forensic experts have reconstructed the face of the unknown boy. “Scientific findings allow well-founded conclusions, based on the individual head shape, on the actual appearance during lifetime,” reported the criminal police on Friday. The investigative group of the Ingolstadt Kripo now hopes to achieve a breakthrough in the investigation.

In addition, a high reward of 10,000 euros was offered for information from witnesses that led to the clarification of the case. On May 19, a canoeist discovered the boy’s body in the river near Vohburg in Upper Bavaria (district of Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm). The dead boy was wrapped up and had been in the water for a long time – probably several months. As a result, officials had searched the banks of the Danube in the Ingolstadt area as well as the river itself, but without finding any indication of a perpetrator. Wanted posters have so far not brought the desired success.

However, the coroner was able to find out more details about the boy. The child was between three and seven years old, 110 centimeters tall, weighed around 15 kilograms and had blue eyes and dark blond to brown hair. The police have now also published details of the stone with which the child’s corpse was sunk in the Danube. It is a 40 by 20 by 6 centimeter paving stone that is sold under the name Diephaus, type “Natura Vigo”.

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