Video: Wissing – truck importance for freight traffic will even increase by 2051

STORY: According to Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing, trucks will remain dominant in freight transport for decades to come. The FDP politician was referring to a new study in Berlin on Friday that forecasts traffic up to 2051: “Even in 2051, the truck will remain the dominant means of transport in the goods sector and its importance will even increase. Why is that? Well, We are in the middle of a goods structural change. Due to the energy transition, there is a sharp decline in bulk and energy goods such as coal, coke, petroleum products, ores, which were previously transported primarily by rail and waterway. There is great growth for goods that are mainly transported by road. This includes postal items.” // “Railway and air traffic will grow particularly strongly, each with growth rates of over 50%. Motorized individual traffic on the road will only increase by single digits. But, in Germany in 2051, cars and motorcycles will remain by far the first choice for passenger traffic.” According to the study, the road plays the biggest role with an increase of 54 percent. Wissing pointed out that the current traffic route plan goes back to 2014 and is based on data from 2010. The new findings must now be reacted to. Accelerated expansion of the road is needed to ensure prosperity in Germany. Rail expansion alone is not enough.


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