Video: Olaf Scholz again speaks out in favor of compulsory vaccination

As part of the government survey, Chancellor Olaf Scholz once again spoke out in favor of compulsory vaccination. Scholz said on Wednesday in Berlin that there would be very high numbers of infections in Germany. Vaccinations are the central tool in the fight against the pandemic. O-TON OLAF SCHOLZ, FEDERAL CHANCELLOR: “And that’s why there is no decision where someone says: It doesn’t concern me, I decide for myself, I don’t vaccinate and that has no consequences for others. Yes! For our entire country For your own friends, for your neighbors, the fact that you could infect someone has a consequence: For example, the many funds that we spend on hospitals so that they have space for the infected, for example that others endure have to have their operations take place later because we have made room for people infected with corona. There is no decision that you make for yourself. And that is why compulsory vaccination is also correct. ” In addition, Scholz defended the government’s approach not to submit its own draft law on compulsory vaccination. The question is so fundamental that proposals from the House should be voted on. Scholz said that the mandatory vaccination should apply to all over 18-year-olds and should be unbureaucratic. Scholz remained narrow-lipped on the question of side effects posed by a member of the AfD parliamentary group. O-TON MARTIN SIECHERT, AFD MP: “Do you have a rough idea of ​​how many cases, one case of a serious side effect occurs, or how many cases of serious side effects the Paul Ehrlich Institute roughly reported?” O-TON OLAF SCHOLZ, FEDERAL CHANCELLOR: “Thank you very much for your question and also for the … but not for the intention behind it, I want to expressly say that. Because you confuse the citizens of this country. And the only thing The good thing about it is that they are unsuccessful, because our country is not divided, but sticks together. And hence this comment: Billions of citizens all over the world have now been vaccinated, billions of people, also in this country it’s tens of millions. It’s the vast majority of citizens and it’s something that went very well. And that’s why I don’t share your weird discussion, I think the best thing to do is get vaccinated, it protects health.” At the beginning of the meeting, the AfD parliamentary group protested against the federal government with signs. Such political actions are forbidden in the Bundestag. Bundestag President Bärbel Bas therefore threatened the parliamentary group to expel her from the room and impose a fine.


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