Video: Johnson under pressure for partying

Johnson under pressure for parties

The pressure on Boris Johnson is mounting. The British Prime Minister has been battered by a series of scandals. The reason for this are media reports about information about more and more parties in his office in Downing Street in London. According to the “Daily Telegraph”, they took place despite the current corona restrictions, even on the eve of the funeral of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, last April. For the second time in a week, Johnson felt compelled to apologize for parties at his official residence on Friday – but this time even directly to the Queen. The events are met with less and less understanding among political opponents, but also in their own ranks. Calls for resignation are getting louder. Because of the parties, Johnson is in one of the worst crises of his tenure. According to the opinion research institute Savanta ComRes, 70 percent of around 2,000 respondents were in favor of Johnson’s resignation. The next general election will take place in 2024.


Several parties were celebrated at the British Prime Minister’s office while the rest of the country was under corona restrictions. The number of celebrations that are known is increasing.

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