Video: FDP: Will have adequate instruments to combat corona

FDP: Will have adequate instruments to combat corona

NOTE: This post will be broadcast without a narration. O-Ton Marco Buschmann (FDP), Parliamentary Managing Director: “Our new package of measures replaces an old package of measures. The old package of measures has this somewhat cumbersome name Epidemic situation of national scope. And attempts are made again and again to create the impression that If we launch our new package of measures to replace the old one that we did not have adequate instruments, legally appropriate instruments to fight Corona. That is expressly wrong. We are now considering the situation particularly in Saxony, Thuringia and Bavaria, but also in parts of other federal states, the worsening situation, has switched to adding further measures to the catalog. Contact restrictions in both public and private areas will be possible. It will be possible to impose abstract capacity restrictions in one country the situation is so acute that a state government of Meinu ng is to go beyond the catalog of measures that we regularly provide, then it can also go beyond that. Not arbitrarily, but it can take additional measures if it has a majority in the state parliament for it. “


The traffic light parties want to sharpen the Corona legislation. The new package of measures should be in the Bundestag on Thursday.

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