Video: Costa Concordia: Ten years ago the cruise ship hit a rock

They were images that kept the world in suspense. Images of a shipwreck that killed 32 people, traumatized many more, caused enormous damage and resulted in a complex process. Twelve German passengers were also killed at the time. It has now been ten years since the Costa Concordia, a luxury-class cruise ship, ran onto a rock with around 4,200 people on board – on the evening of January 13, 2012, here off the coast of Tuscany. A chaotic evacuation in the water off the island of Giglio followed. Even then, Mario Pelligrini lived on the island, which was rather deserted in winter. By the time it stood on the bank at around 11.30 p.m., the steel colossus had already begun to lean to one side. Pelligrini jumped on a sailboat, he says, to help aboard the Costa Concordia. “When we had pulled out all these people – and we were really very scared – the last time a waiter came from India. He reported two corpses that had swam past him. A man and a child. I could see the big one on people’s faces Seeing sadness. It wasn’t just an accident, it was a tragedy. ” How this could come about should be clarified by a court case. Ultimately, the ship’s captain was found guilty: Francesco Schettino. In February 2015, three years after the accident, he was sentenced to 16 years imprisonment, among other things for multiple negligent homicide. The court saw it as proven that the captain left the ship, although people were still on board. Schettino’s appeal, but also that of the public prosecutor’s office, was unsuccessful. “At that time you could not only hear the screams of the people, but also the screams, the sounds of the steel, the pouring water. We were afraid that the water would suddenly come. So I said to myself: Mario, if the water comes, be strong and looking for a way to get out of here. ” He made it home. What then followed was the recovery of corpses and later the complicated dismantling of the huge hull. The shipping company has stated that it has paid more than 80 million euros in damages to the people on board. The tragedy, the accident on the Costa Concordia, on January 13th marks the tenth anniversary. Then the more than 30 dead will be remembered with a vigil. Mario Pelligrini will probably be there too.


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