Victim of a “big discomfort”, Inès Reg deemed “unfit” to resume the prime

If Adeline Toniutti said goodbye to Dance with the starsbursting out at the passing of a little “Hey man” of which she has the secret, the prime Friday evening was marked by the absence of Inès Reg having disappeared from the set before the end of the show.

The comedian, against whom singer Natacha Saint-Pierre filed a handrail, would have been the victim of “big, big discomfort”, according to the show doctor.

“I made this decision against his will”

The young woman slipped away backstage even before her rival’s performance. “She felt a little uncomfortable in the dressing rooms. Everything is fine. She’s cooling off, getting a little fresh air, we’re giving her a little sparkling water and she’ll be fine,” reassured host Camille Combal.

But Inès Reg did not return when the public had to decide between couples in danger. She was therefore “not able to perform her face-to-face dance”. This allowed him to automatically qualify for the quarter-finals of the competition, as stipulated in the regulations in this case.

Around 11:47 p.m., the show’s doctor came to explain on set that he had deemed the dancer “unfit” to complete the prime. “She is better but not enough for me to think she will be able to return to the set this evening,” he explained. I made this decision against his wishes. »

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