Urgent decision to repeat the election: Karlsruhe decides on the Berlin election

Status: 01/31/2023 07:04 a.m

In just under two weeks, the breakdown election to the Berlin House of Representatives is to be repeated – but whether this really happens depends on today’s decision by the Federal Constitutional Court.

In the morning, the Federal Constitutional Court wants to announce its emergency decision to repeat the House of Representatives election in Berlin. The decision is urgently awaited, because it depends on whether the election can be repeated as planned in just under two weeks or whether it has to be postponed.

The election in September 2021 was declared invalid by the Berlin Constitutional Court due to numerous mishaps – it must therefore be repeated in full. In addition to the House of Representatives, the twelve district councils must also be re-elected.

Only decision of the expedited procedure

Several constitutional complaints were filed with the Federal Constitutional Court against the decision of the Constitutional Court. Karlsruhe is now deciding on the largest of these – with more than 40 complainants – but only in an expedited procedure. The main proceedings are still ongoing.

With the urgent decision, the complainants want to ensure that the repeat election is postponed until Karlsruhe has also decided on the complaint in the main proceedings.

General election not affected

Because of the election mishaps, part of the federal elections in Berlin, which took place on the same day, are also to be repeated. However, this only affects some constituencies in the capital and is not part of the planned elections on February 12. There is no date yet, and several complaints are pending in Karlsruhe against this redial.

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