Unterschleißheim – Further delay at the Caritas Hort – Munich district

At the new Caritas day care center in Unterschleißheim there are again problems and delays. The move, which was actually planned for the Easter holidays, has been postponed because the fire brigade access road has not been properly laid out. Now the children and the teachers are supposed to take over the building, which costs almost ten million euros, in May. The latest of a series of problems with the building from the point of view of the town hall administration is particularly annoying, because at several appointments “the issue of fire brigade access was specially pointed out”, as stated in a statement.

Belated planning services, construction delays, difficulties in supplying materials and uncooperative craftsmen: the list of reasons why the house on Ganghoferstrasse can only be handed over with a delay is long, reports the city. Now there is the issue of fire protection.

When the building was inspected by the fire protection expert, deficiencies in the fire brigade access road were found despite the reported completion confirmations. On the one hand, access radii would have to be adjusted at the entrance gate, on the other hand, it would be necessary to widen the driveway in some places, for which unfortunately trees would have to be felled and bushes removed. For this purpose, the sometimes different surface covering at the driveway will be adjusted and the path will be marked with bollards. “Unfortunately, the companies responsible failed to properly plan the fire brigade access road.”

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