Unterföhring: swimming accident at Feringasee – Munich

In a swimming accident at Lake Feringa, which probably could have ended fatally, attentive passers-by prevented the worst. A 74-year-old swimmer went under on Saturday afternoon shortly after 3 a.m. for an unknown reason in the bathing lake near Unterföhring. Passers-by who noticed the emergency situation immediately rescued the woman from the water, dialed the emergency number and notified the Red Cross lifeguard station on Lake Feringa. A member of the lifeguard went to the scene of the accident, where first responders had already started the chest compressions and intensified the resuscitation measures until the arrival of the emergency doctor. With success. The 74-year-old was transported to the shock room of a Munich clinic a little later after intensive medical care. “The fact that the lady could be transported away with her own circulatory function is thanks to the attentive passers-by, who took all the necessary measures without hesitation in an exemplary manner,” reports the Munich water rescue service.

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