Union in the tax dispute: code words from the monastery

Status: 07/14/2021 5:51 p.m.

When the CSU speaks of a “signal of unity” at its retreat, it is above all a signal to Chancellor candidate Laschet. In the tax dispute, the CSU does not understand jokes.

From Anita Fünffinger,
ARD capital studio

The CSU knows exactly how the power of images works. The national group usually meets in January. Then, when it is nice and snowy in Seeon, the sky is still blue. The mountains in the background make the postcard motif perfect. This time: exam in the middle of summer, but the backdrop doesn’t want to play along. A lousy 14 degrees, the sky overcast – the members of the Bundestag only know such gray in Berlin.

But at least: the clouds in the sky match the mood. Union Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet had on Sunday in ARD summer interview announces that tax cuts are not possible. Since then there has been a lot of excitement in the CSU.

And so the head of the regional group, Alexander Dobrindt, does not even bother with empty phrases. He prefers to send a message to the sister party: “The cloister is a signal of unity between the CSU and CDU.”

Wink with the election platform

He has placed the first code word, “unity”, the second follows immediately: “CDU and CSU belong to the discharge team.” And the discharge team has now written down a discharge for the citizens in the joint election program of the CDU and CSU. Small and medium-sized incomes should benefit from this, the solos should go away completely, and corporate taxes should go down. Dobrindt still looks upset about the statements made by Chancellor candidate Laschet on Sunday.

Serene threat to the sister

Why the CDU boss now thinks that there can be no tax cuts, the CSU boss does not let go. Markus Söder tries to be calm on the outside. A look at the election manifesto helps, and besides, no one claimed that the tax cuts would come immediately: “It must be gradual, it must also be solidly financed. But we are referring to the common election manifesto as a basis – what else should it be? ”

And they will explain all of this to Laschet again on Thursday. After all, the Union Chancellor candidate already knows what to expect in Seeon when he arrives. He should be in agreement with the CSU on the election goal: the Union will reaffirm its leadership and government claim.

Closed meeting of the CSU regional group in Seeon Abbey

daily news 2 p.m., July 14, 2021

Desired partner and stroke of the bell

According to Söder, she has every reason to do so: “As things stand now, from my point of view, it is certain that the fight for first place has been sorted out. I think the Greens are clear – as far as the fight for first place is concerned relapsed. ” And besides, he got the impression that they really don’t want to govern after all. And the CSU not with them. Because Söder and Dobrindt make that clear again: The Greens are not their dream partner.

A black-red-yellow coalition can both be won over, says Söder in the gray Seeon, where the sun only flashes through for seconds. The setting was not right this time. The CSU seems to have a new line for this – and it’s not the one with the weather gods: the church bells ring right on time with the end of Söder’s statement. And the CSU boss can hardly believe that himself.

CSU retreat – From backdrops and church bells

Anita Fünffinger, ARD Berlin, July 14, 2021 4:35 p.m.

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