Two radars soon to be installed in Strasbourg for carpooling lanes

Who says new routes says… new radars. After the appearance of lanes reserved for carpooling on the M35 which crosses and serves Strasbourg, two control devices will soon be installed.

“Two radars will be installed by the State at the end of September on the communal banns of Ostwald and Schiltigheim”, announces the Eurometropolis, without saying at which precise places. But, good news, the first fines will not fall immediately!

One month test phase

“A test phase lasting one month is planned at the end of which the verbalization will be effective. The radar will take photos which will then be manually analyzed by a municipal police officer. Thus, from November 1, soloists who use the lane reserved for carpooling risk a fine of 90 € and 135 € if it is increased, ”writes the urban community again.

The Eurometropolis is one of the six cities selected by the State to experiment with such a system. With Grenoble, Rennes, Lyon, Lille and Nantes.

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