Two Montpellier players prosecuted for aggravated violence

Three Montpellier Hérault Rugby players are being prosecuted for aggravated violence, reveals Free lunch. They are suspected of having beaten the customer of the Australian bar, a night establishment in Montpellier where they celebrated their title of champion of France of the Top 14, on June 28.

Within the establishment, Pierre Lucas had a clash with a client of the box on the dance floor which quickly degenerated, while the rugby player would have been too enterprising with the client’s companion. This first altercation was followed by a second, in the parking lot of the establishment. This time, it was Enzo Forletta and Thomas Darmon who attacked the client, guilty of hitting their partner. He had a fractured jaw.

Summons before the criminal court

The various protagonists were taken into custody on September 21. They are summoned before the criminal court on February 13. Thomas Darmon and Enzo Forletta are prosecuted for aggravated violence (ten days of ITT) in a meeting and in a state of drunkenness. Thomas Darmon is also prosecuted for violence against the security guard (who was allegedly injured while trying to separate the belligerents). Still on February 13, the client will have to answer for willful violence committed on Pierre Lucas (without ITT day).

For its part, the MHR “stands alongside its players, who have always shown exemplary behavior on and off the field”.

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