Trooping the Color: Prince Louis makes faxes – panorama

Louis, 5, British Prince, has lived up to his reputation as chief royal fax maker. At the official birthday celebrations for his grandfather, King Charles III, 74, the little prince confidently saluted on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and was snapped by photographers making a gesture that can be described as ‘riding an air motorbike’. In the carriage he had previously held his nose. A monarch’s birthday is traditionally celebrated in early summer in Britain, regardless of the actual date. After the Queen’s death, Charles led the Trooping the Color parade for the first time, on horseback, wearing a bearskin hat low on his face, flanked by his son William, his sister Anne and his youngest brother Edward. The air show turned out to be particularly lavish this time, as a replacement for the coronation on May 6, when the overflight had only taken place in a minimal variant due to bad weather.

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Helene Fischer, 38, was injured during an acrobatics performance. And that in front of thousands of fans during the 42nd concert of their current tour. As the Picturenewspaper reported, the singer in Hanover bumped her head against the trapeze during the song “Wunden”, with which she was swinging several meters above the audience. Fischer is known for her acrobatics on and above the stage – including on the trapeze. It was only in March that she broke a rib during rehearsals and had to postpone several appearances. In Hanover it was probably the nose this time, pictures show her with blood on her face. Before she left the stage, Fischer said to her fans: “I have to get rid of that first, dear ones, everything is fine.” A little later, however, it was announced that the concert would be canceled and the singer was receiving medical treatment.

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Max Kruse, 35, soccer player without a contract, takes his wife to her breast. “You’re probably interested in what Max gave me for my birthday”, said Dilara Kruse in a YouTube video: “He has my face tattooed on his chest. Yes, that’s a real token of love.” Breast messages have a certain tradition in the couple’s relationship: at the 2021 Olympic Games, the ex-national player proposed to his then-girlfriend after a win against Saudi Arabia with a T-shirt print. Kruse is currently without a club, his contract with VfL Wolfsburg was terminated last November due to differences with coach Niko Kovac.

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Kourtney Kardashian, 44, reality actress, announced her pregnancy by hand. During a band concert Blink-182 in Los Angeles, she held up a placard that read “Travis, I’m pregnant” in capital letters. on a video, which Kardashian shared on Instagram, can be seen as the band’s drummer, her husband Travis Barker, 47, then leaves the stage and throws his arms around her neck. Kardashian played that with the gig Music video for the song “All the small things” from 1999 after. In it, Barker is having fun with a woman on a beach. A few scenes later, at a concert, the same woman holds up a poster that reads “Travis, I’m pregnant.” This is the couple’s first offspring together. Kardashian already has three children with her former partner Scott Disick, Barker is a father of two.

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Michael Kunze, 79, songwriter, explains the truth of “Greek wine”. The inn sung about by Udo Jürgens really existed, Kunze said to him Mirror. “When I was studying in Munich, there was an inn on Rosenheimer Platz on my way home that a Greek had taken over, frequented by compatriots who were earning money with us for their wives and children.” The scenery described in the song (“… music that was foreign and southern came from the jukebox / When you saw me, someone got up and invited me in”) was invented: “I only ever looked through the window, but never enter the inn.”

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Brigitte Seebacher, 76, widow of Willy Brandt, misses polished speeches in politics. Men like Brandt or Helmut Schmidt can no longer exist, said the journalist and historian on the Radio Bremen talk show “3 nach 9”. In today’s media world, people only communicate through photos, sayings or half sentences. “Back then, politics was made with speeches that were delivered more or less skilfully.” Her husband and Schmidt “should have freed each other from all appointments for a weekend before each SPD party conference, i.e. the weekend before, worked on the speeches and then exchanged them. And then they wrested or negotiated sentences from each other (…). It’s like it’s from another planet when you look at it today.”

People: Jenna Bush and now husband Henry Hager in their engagement photo in 2007.

Jenna Bush and now husband Henry Hager in their engagement photo in 2007.

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Jenna Bush Hager41, journalist and daughter of George W. Bush, puts little emphasis on raising her three children. On the talk show “Today with Hoda & Jenna” she described how her ten-year-old daughter Mila saw a scale at a friend’s house and asked in astonishment: “What is that?” The Bush Hager family doesn’t own a scale because “I don’t want to be committed to a number on a machine that makes me feel bad.” Her daughter weighed everything around her, the cat and every imaginable object.

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