Trials: Fake nurse jailed for attempted murder

Jail for fake nurse for attempted murder

The false nurse had to answer for the attempted murder of a seriously ill person. She goes to jail. photo

© Stefan Puchner/dpa

In order to get better jobs, an unskilled nursing assistant is said to have posed as a nurse and almost killed a very ill man with an insulin overdose. She has to go to jail.

A false nurse has been sentenced to nine years and three months in prison by the Augsburg Regional Court for attempting to murder a seriously ill patient. The 42-year-old German had made herself an intensive care nurse with forged certificates and thus obtained jobs in hospitals by fraud.

In a clinic in Schwabmünchen near Augsburg, she almost killed a patient with an insulin overdose. The patient died a day later. Since the man’s poor condition could not prove that he died as a result of the accused’s conduct, the criminal charge was attempted murder instead of completed murder.

The criminal court also found the native of Potsdam guilty of dangerous bodily harm and multiple forgery of documents on Wednesday. The presiding judge Franz Wörz described the accused as a “completely incompetent imposter”.

According to the investigation, the accused had previously only worked as an unskilled nursing assistant in the Berlin area. In order to get better-paying jobs, she forged a certificate stating that she was a nurse. In addition, she had manipulated a further certificate as an intensive care nurse as a supplement.


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