TotalEnergies accused by Greenpeace of reducing the figures of its carbon footprint

published on Thursday, November 03, 2022 at 08:37

An investigation by “L’oeil du 20 heures” from the JT of France 2 revealed Greenpeace’s suspicions about TotalEnergies’ carbon footprint figures. According to the NGO, their greenhouse gas emissions would be four times higher than the declared figures.

In a report consulted by the JT teams of France 2Greenpeace claims that TotalEnergies’ reported carbon footprint figures are not real.

According to new calculations made by Greenpeace for a year, the oil group would release four times more greenhouse gases than mentioned in their figures.

The NGO concluded that TotalEnergies would have rejected more than 1.6 billion tonnes of CO2 in 2019: “We based ourselves on the production figures of TotalEnergies and on their economic activity figures”, explained François Chartier , one of the authors of the Greenpeace report. “Everything is detailed: how much oil is extracted? How much is transformed? And we arrive at 1.6 billion. The gap is abysmal,” he continued.

TotalEnergies denies and points the finger at “fanciful” figures

Faced with the results of the Greenpeace survey, TotalEnergies denied having tampered with the figures of their annual carbon footprint: “Greenpeace’s figures are fanciful. (…) It counts the same emissions several times and calls into question the method of calculation of our CO2 emissions”, says the oil group.

Questioned by “The eye of 20 hours” of France 2several experts have justified the difference between the figures of TotalEnergies and those of Greenpeace by indirect CO2 emissions, such as vehicles powered by fuels produced by the oil giant.

One of the experts, César Dugast, deplored a lack of clarity on the part of the box, which affirms the opposite: “We are necessarily obliged to refer to transparent, shared data whose calculation is beyond doubt” , said the engineer from the consulting firm Carbone4.

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