Tori Spelling gets along very well with Dean McDermott’s new partner

Tori Spelling really likes Lily Calo, Dean McDermott’s new girlfriend. However, the star Beverly Hills still has a little trouble finding the right tone with his ex and his partner during family dinners.

“I really like Lily. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s just different, if you know what I mean. I don’t know how to handle it,” Tori Spelling conceded in the latest episode of her new podcast misSpellingrevealing a certain confusion towards his ex.

The confusion of feelings

“Dean is a very handsome man. It never changed. I think it’s just that… there was so much built-up resentment that I couldn’t go back,” Tori Spelling added of the divorce proceedings she initiated last week.

Indeed, if their relationship exploded a few years ago, Tori Spelling waited until last week to file for divorce. A request that she announced to the main interested party while she was recording the first episode of her podcast.

It seems that Dean McDermott is trying to be forgiven for having broken up their relationship by cheerfully feeding the mother of his children’s show!

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