TikTok boss comes out as non-binary and wants to be called “V”.

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TikTok boss has coming out as non-binary and now wants to be called “V”.

TikTok boss Vanessa Pappas

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The 43-year-old executive of the successful video platform prefers to be called “V” instead of Vanessa and prefers the pronouns they/them instead of them/her.

Anyone who thinks that “gender issues” are only for students, artists or young people with too much time and energy must now be strong: gender identity is an issue even in the highest business circles. This has now been proven, among other things, by the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the short video platform TikTok, Vanessa Pappas.

The 43-year-old identifies as pansexual – meaning she doesn’t care about the gender of her partner – and has lived with her partner, with whom she has two children, for more than 20 years. It was also her children who made her think about her gender identity. “As a family, we talk a lot about the importance of acknowledging diversity across all sexual orientations, races, races, genders, ages, wealth classes, personal abilities, political affiliations, etc.,” she wrote on Twitter.

TikTok boss wants to enable more diversity

That motivated her to think about her own preferences and now to comment publicly: The TikTok boss sees herself as non-binary. This means: She does not feel that she belongs to just one gender and does not feel that the classification into male/female is sufficient.

That’s why she asks on Twitter to address her with her nickname “V” instead of Vanessa. “I use both the pronouns they/them and sie/ihr because I do respect my identity as both a woman and a nonbinary. I don’t mind if you don’t always use ‘V’ or ‘they/them’, but I appreciate it if you bother to acknowledge my preferences.”

“Most of you know me as a very reclusive person when it comes to my personal life, but I find it important to come to work as the real me and share my gender identity and preferred pronouns with you. And through my actions, I want to show that being different is possible and desired at TikTok.”

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