Thunderstorms on the edge of the Alps: flooded cellars and flooding

Since Thursday afternoon, sometimes violent thunderstorms have been moving across southern Bavaria from the edge of the Alps – but have so far only caused isolated damage. A spokesman for the Integrated Control Center Oberland initially spoke of around ten operations in the afternoon, mainly in the region around Bad Tölz. “Mainly cellars have flooded and streets have been flooded,” said the spokesman. No major operations or injuries were reported until later in the afternoon.

Hail in southern Bavaria – numerous lightning strikes over Munich

The weather service reported “heavy heavy rain with rainfall amounts of up to 40 liters per square meter in a short period of time as well as gusts of wind with speeds of around 70 km/h and hail” in southern Bavaria.

Extreme lightning intensity with a frequency of less than ten seconds and locally extreme rain were recorded in Munich. Heavy hail fell in the area around Bad Tölz.

Flooded streets in Rosenheim and Allgäu

A street was flooded in Feldkirchen-Westerham in the Rosenheim district. Several cars drove through the flooded area, including an orange BMW that got stuck in the water and could no longer drive.

A flooded cellar was also reported from the Allgäu region and there were three minor cases of aquaplaning on the A8.

Meteorologists warn: Danger from falling trees

According to the weather service, there is “great danger to life and limb from lightning strikes; widespread falling trees, high-voltage lines, scaffolding, large objects flying around.” Damage to buildings, flooding of streets/underpasses and basements as well as aquaplaning are also possible.

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