Threatened with relegation, FC Annecy will sue Rodez “for sports corruption”

FC Annecy is trying everything for the round so as not to go to the National. Under the threat of relegation due to the interruption of the Bordeaux-Rodez match and the loss of the meeting inflicted on the Girondins, the club announced Tuesday its intention to prosecute Rodez “for active and passive sports corruption”. In addition to this action, he proposes to pass the League 2 from 20 to 21 clubs next season to put a definitive end to the dispute.

“How to accept the sporting descent of a football club, under professional or amateur status, after a match stopped in the 23rd minute which does not concern it and during which, in view of the images, the player of Rodez AF, Lucas Buades, simulates a violent attack leading to the definitive end of the match and thus ensuring the maintenance of his club with the support of its leaders? “, attacks the Savoyard club in a press release.

The LFP awaits appeals

The Disciplinary Committee of the professional football league on Monday inflicted on Bordeaux “the loss by penalty” of the meeting. This match played on June 3 and counting for the 38th and last day of the season was interrupted following the intrusion of a spectator on the lawn “to voluntarily physically harm a player who had just scored a goal “, observes the commission. Rodez had just opened the scoring through Lucas Buades.

Pending appeal, the penalty imposed on the Bordeaux has not yet been recorded in the official classification of Ligue 2, where Rodez still appears 17th and first relegated while Annecy, 16th, is saved. But with the three points from the victory in Bordeaux, Rodez would remain in Ligue 2 while Annecy would descend next season to the third division of French football.

Annecy refuses to be a “collateral victim”

“FC Annecy cannot be the collateral victim of the shortcomings of the Girondins de Bordeaux in terms of security. Nor can he be the victim of a sporting result which was not obtained on the green square being manifestly contrary to the essential values ​​of sports ethics, ”underlines the club.

The club adds that it has already commissioned its lawyer “to seize the commissions of the Professional Football League (competition commission, legal commission) then the higher commission of appeal of the FFF and the CNOSF and finally the prosecutor of the République de Bordeaux against the manager of Rodez AF, the player Lucas Buades and the Rodez club for active and passive sports corruption”. The FCA also calls for mediation by the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

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