Thomas Pesquet and the scientists distinguished during the class of 2023

Scientists are distinguished in the promotion of the Legion of Honor for 2023, such as the biologist Étienne-Émile Baulieu, and the Nobel Prize in physics Alain Aspect, but also the astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Published in the Official Journal on Sunday, the new civilian promotion of the Legion of Honor, the highest of French national distinctions, rewards a total and “in parity” 340 people working “in the service of the nation”, specifies the Grand Chancellery in a communicated. Illustrious or unknown to the general public, these people are divided into different ranks (knights, officers, commanders, etc.)

A New Grand Cross

the biologist Étienne-Émile Baulieu is the only one to be elevated to the dignity of Grand Cross, the highest distinction, held by only 67 other people. To be compared with the 79,000 members of the Legion of Honor today.

The physicochemist Marie-Paule Pileni and the Nobel Prize in Physics (2007) Albert Fert are elevated to the dignity of grand officer. Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022, is promoted to Commander.

space officer

Thomas Pesquet, knighted in 2019, is promoted to officer before the eight-year regulatory wait given his “clearly characterized exceptional services”. He notably took command of the International Space Station in 2022. As for Philippe Baptiste, president of the National Center for Space Studies, he has reached the rank of knight.

Former high-level athletes working “in the federation or for causes of general interest” integrate the institution, such as the tennis player Yannick Noah, president of Fête le mur, named knight, or the hammer thrower Catherine Moyon of Baecque, co-president of the commission against violence at the French National Olympic Committee.

social advancement

In the social and health field, Martine Brousse, president of the association La voix de l’enfant, is promoted to commander. In the economic field, Patricia Barbizet, president of the Témaris investment fund, is elevated to the dignity of grand officer, and Véronique Morali, president of Webedia, is promoted to commander.

Among the servants of the State, the prefect of Ile-de-France Marc Guillaume is promoted to commander and Jean-Louis Périès, president of the Special Court of Assizes during the trial of the attacks of November 13, is knighted.

Thank you for this moment

Ministers and parliamentarians in office cannot be named, but several former ministers of Emmanuel Macron stand out: Nicole Belloubet is promoted to commander, Muriel Pénicaud, François Bayrou, Frédérique Vidal are promoted to officers, Christophe Castaner, Emmanuelle Wargon, Richard Ferrand are made knights.

In the arts, the conductor Jean-Claude Casadesus is elevated to the dignity of a grand officer, the Nobel Prize for literature Patrick Modiano, promoted to commander, the composer Louis Chedid, knighted. A distinction also granted to the comic book author Enki Bilal.

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