Thomas Gottschalk unpacks the “Wetten,dass..?” farewell

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In his new podcast, Thomas Gottschalk looks back on his farewell to “Wetten,dass..?” and makes a few things clear.

Offenburg – November 25th Thomas Gottschalk (73) moderated his last “Wetten,dass..?” show, which once again gave ZDF record ratings. Not everything went smoothly, however. He caused a laugh by mixing up the surnames of Matthias Schweighöfer (42) and Bastian Schweinsteiger (39), while the conversation with Shirin David (28) on the couch became rather unpleasant after she and Helene Fischer (39) read the new ” Breathless through the night” version.

Last “Wetten,dass..?” show: This is what Gottschalk says in retrospect about the dispute with Shirin David

At “Wetten,dass..?”, Shirin David Thomas Gottschalk gave his opinion when he asked her that one would not guess her love of opera or her feminist side based on her appearance. To this day, the quarrel with the rapper doesn’t seem to have completely left him – at least the 73-year-old talked about one detail of it again in his podcast “Supernasen”. It was about Shirin’s statement that Gottschalk had said: “Influencers don’t belong on my couch.”

The moderator, whose final “Wetten, dass…?” words caused a stir, had already tried to defuse the situation on the show: “I didn’t say that influencers… Wait a minute! I didn’t understand influencers until now.” In his podcast he makes it clear again: “I really have nothing against influencers at all. They work hard for their money. They work 20 hours into their device.” But things are different with the followers: “For me, the word follower simply has a negative connotation because I’m not someone who wants to follow, I want to lead the way.”

Name mistake in “Wetten,dass..?”: Gottschalk explains the Schweinsteiger-Schweighöfer mix-up

With much more humor, Matthias Schweighöfer and Bastian Schweinsteiger took Gottschalk’s name twist on “Wetten,dass..?”. In the heat of the moment he referred to Matthias Schweighöfer as “Matthias Schweinsteiger”. Bastian Schweinsteiger and his wife Ana Ivanovic (36) then welcomed the actor into their family on Instagram.

Thomas Gottschalk and Shirin David at his last “Wetten,dass..?” show.
Thomas Gottschalk and Shirin David at his last “Wetten,dass..?” show. © Monn/Imago photo agency

Gottschalk also commented on this again in the podcast and still seemed a bit confused: “Of course I know that his name is Bastian Schweinsteiger, did I say Schweighöfer? Because during rehearsals you say the name a thousand times, it’s not like what you see on TV. You say it correctly 1000 times beforehand, Schweinsteiger and Schweighöfer.” Incidentally, an ex-moderator of “Wetten, dass..?” took Gottschalk’s last show as an opportunity to get really drunk. (cso) Sources used: Podcast “The Supernoses”;

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