Thomas Gottschalk moderated “Wetten dass…?” for the last time. – without Michelle Hunziker – Media

This year’s only edition of “Wetten, dass..?” The last show with Thomas Gottschalk should be on November 25th. The show will be “the 154th edition for showmaster Thomas Gottschalk – and at the same time his last”. This was announced by ZDF on Monday evening. Gottschalk, for his part, commented on his departure: “I would like to thank the audience, who have faithfully accompanied me through my life as a show host and I am happy to host the show for the last time on this special occasion.”

The Picture said the entertainer: “Yeah, that’s right, it’s going to be my last ‘bet that..?’ The time for big live entertainment on Saturday nights is just over. It’s not my departure from television, however.” From Picture Asked if he would feel lonely without Michelle Hunziker, Gottschalk says: “I moderated the first show alone and I will moderate the last one alone.” Gottschalk added with a smile: “I don’t need a young, blonde woman by my side to show me where to go.”

Also opposite Colorful Gottschalk said: “As far as Michelle is concerned, I agree with ZDF: beginning and end shake hands. I did the first show alone, I can do it with the last one too.”

Gottschalk took over the show from its inventor Frank Elstner in 1987 and moderated it until 2011 with a short break. For years, the program was considered the biggest television show in Europe. In 2021, ZDF relaunched the TV classic as a one-time Saturday evening show with Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker. After the great success with around 14 million viewers, two more editions for 2022 and 2023 were announced. ZDF will decide whether and how the format will continue after Gottschalk’s last edition “in due course after the broadcast.”

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