The zero-rate loan extended to more cities and households in 2024, its ceiling increases

More cities, more households affected, and more money: the zero-rate loan is growing in 2024, while it was due to be eliminated on January 1. The Minister of the Economy justified this turnaround on RTL by explaining “that there is a collapse in real estate credit and that we want as many households as possible to have access to a real estate loan while this is becoming extraordinarily difficult with the increase in interest rates » linked to inflation.

“There were 20 billion euros in monthly credits, we fell to 10 billion,” he observed. The maximum amount of the PTZ “will increase from 80,000 to 100,000 euros”, the share that it can represent in relation to another loan taken out with the bank will increase “from 40% to 50% for low-income households”, according to him. Furthermore, “the middle classes will be eligible”, while currently people earning between 2,500 and 4,000 euros are not entitled to it. “That makes six million more eligible people,” according to Bruno Le Maire.

An effort for the State and “mobilized” banks

Finally, the PTZ “will concern 210 more cities”, detailed the minister, recalling that this loan concerns “the areas where there are the most difficulties in finding housing”. He cited “Bordeaux, Auxerre, Besançon, Bidart, Le Mans, Cournon-d’Auvergne…” among the new eligible cities. This will represent an effort for the State of 850 million euros. “This is proof that we wanted to tackle the problem head on,” remarked Bruno Le Maire.

He also asked banks to “mobilize” and grant households an interest-free loan of an amount equivalent to that of the State. According to him, Crédit Agricole has already responded favorably to this request. Bruno Le Maire also wants to “continue to work with the governor of the Bank of France to simplify the rules for granting credit”.

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