The world record for the largest pot of rillettes has been broken

The love story between the Sarthe and its rillettes does not seem to be about to end. This weekend, the towns of Le Mans and Connéré hosted the sixth edition of the Spring of rillettes. The opportunity to present all the possible variations of this plump dish made from pork. The opportunity also to try to break records. Like that of the largest pot of rillettes ever prepared in the world.

Successful bet at Le Mans this Sunday with a pot filled with more than a ton of rillettes artisanal (1,072 kg exactly)! It measured four meters in diameter and made it possible to make the equivalent of around 4,000 pots. It took a dozen pigs to achieve this funny feat.

Last year, Sarthois charcutiers had already broken the world record for the largest rillette sandwich: 101 meters long all the same.

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