The Vieilles Charrues festival will remain firmly established in Carhaix

Public illustration of Vieilles Charrues. – C. Allain / APEI / 20 Minutes

In Carhaix (Finistère), the hatchet seems to be buried. Because for several months, relations were icy between the mayor Christian Troadec and the management of Vieilles Charrues. In question, the management of the field of Kerampuilh where the festival is held every summer. At the beginning of 2020, Jean-Luc Martin, president of the organizing association, had threatened to leave Carhaix if the town hall did not do its part.

“If we can find 100 hectares in Brittany, we will study the possibility of going elsewhere,” he said. The management of Vieilles Charrues then wanted to obtain guarantees to “perpetuate the use of the land for the next ten years” with the possibility of having permanent facilities to organize concerts outside the festival dates.

The site will be able to accommodate world tours all year round

Claims that seem to have been heard with the signing on Tuesday of an agreement between the two parties for the use of the Kerampuilh domain. “The Vieilles Charrues are of regional interest and to perpetuate this festival in Central Brittany, in Carhaix, is good news”, welcomed in a press release the president of the region Loïg Chesnais-Girard, who played the role of matchmaker. Although the terms of the agreement have not been specified, it still provides for the creation of a semi-public company which will be responsible for managing the various activities on the site.

It also provides for the provision of long-term structures for the management of the festival, which will thus be able to occasionally welcome international artists within the framework of major world tours. This new facility, called Breizh Park, will also make it possible to host more modest local events such as conferences, fairs or exhibitions as well as a training center.

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