the schoolboy indicted and placed in pre-trial detention

The minor accused of threats against his principal in an establishment in Chenôve (Côte-d’Or) was indicted and placed in pre-trial detention.

The minor implicated for threats against his principal in an establishment in Chenôve (Côte-d’Or) was “indicted for all of the alleged offenses and placed in pre-trial detention”, indicated the Dijon prosecutor’s office in BFMTV.

The teenager, “described as difficult”, was arrested Friday afternoon on the grounds of the Edouard-Herriot college in Chenôve, a sensitive neighborhood, where he pointed a knife at the principal without hurting her.

At the end of his police custody, he was presented on Sunday to a judge in charge of a judicial investigation, in particular for “attempted intentional homicide against a teacher”, “threats” or “intrusion into a school establishment with a weapon “, according to the Dijon public prosecutor’s office.

The schoolboy changes his version

Prosecutor Olivier Caracotch, the magistrate, had explained earlier, during a press conference, that the boy admitted the facts but had given contradictory versions of his motive.

The schoolboy first said that he had wanted to “fail” his English teacher, a class from which he had been excluded, before changing his mind. Then he claimed to have been “recruited by acquaintances to kill her and three other members (of the college)” and to have to be paid for these acts.

But these statements are “not corroborated by any element and could be linked to a desire to give importance to oneself, which was confirmed by an expert psychiatrist”, added the prosecutor.

In addition, “the anti-terrorist prosecution gives very relative credit to this latest version”, underlined Olivier Caracotch.

A teenager with many “flaws”

A psychiatric expertise, even if it considered that the accused was responsible for the commission of his actions, revealed “a certain number of mental flaws or difficulties”, he added.

The teenager showed up shortly after 3 p.m. on Friday for a language class from which he had been excluded a few days earlier. Directed towards the principal of the college, he presented her with a letter “mentioning a hostage-taking and referring to the attacks of November 2015” before “pointing a knife in her direction and verbally threatening her with death”, according to the floor.

The manager then managed to escape by triggering the intruder alarm. The schoolboy had tried to join his class but it was confined, like the entire establishment.

The classroom door being closed, he had threatened with his weapon “a maintenance agent who came to support” before “attempting to lock himself with him in the office” of the principal “from where the agent still managed to escape”, according to the same source. Remaining in the corridor, the teenager was finally arrested by the police after half an hour.

Nicole Belloubet in Chenôve Monday

The Minister of Education, Nicole Belloubet, immediately “condemned with the greatest firmness” these threats, “saluting the courage and coolness” of the principal. She is expected Monday morning in Chenôve, where she will interact with the establishment’s teams.

The penalty incurred for attempted intentional homicide of a person charged with a public service mission is life imprisonment, according to the prosecutor.

The accused being a minor, “he must be able to benefit from the excuse of minority”, he qualified, specifying that the sentence was “in this case 20 years of criminal imprisonment”.

Mélanie Vecchio with François Blanchard

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