The rainbow pedestrian crossing of the city center again degraded

Inaugurated in 2019, the rainbow pedestrian crossing, in the colors of the LGBTQI + community, of the Cours du Chapeau-Rouge in Bordeaux was again vandalized. This Wednesday, it was covered with fleur-de-lis (among other symbol of royalty), just as it had already been the case last June, during an action where it was also repainted in the colors of the French flag.

Contacted by 20 minutes, Bordeaux town hall announced that the pedestrian crossing would be quickly cleaned up, and that the city “will file a complaint, just as we do each time. “

Damage to rainbow pedestrian crossings is recurrent, since the last one dates back to July, in the Nansouty district. Four pedestrian crossings in the colors of LGBTQI + people are now installed in the city, including one in Caudéran inaugurated last weekend. “And we will continue to equip the city with it, the objective being to arrive at eight pedestrian crossings over all of our districts” assures the municipality, which no longer wishes “to comment excessively on these acts of vandalism. “

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