The penis shell – a bizarre delicacy with potential

Viagra of the sea
The penis shell – a bizarre delicacy with potential

Penis shells are not only so popular because of their extraordinary appearance.

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It looks like a penis and has a reputation for being particularly delicious. The elephant trunk has long been traded as a delicacy in Asia. Now it is increasingly conquering top gastronomy.

It is probably the most obscene shell in the world. The elephant trunk not only looks like a male member, it is also reputed to have a potency-increasing effect. The saltwater mussel has long been traded as a delicacy in Asia. But the top restaurateurs in Europe are also increasingly enjoying the very special seafood.

Because the elephant trunk clam, also known as geoduck, not only looks good, it also tastes delicious. The meat is sweet and has a tender but crispy consistency. It is served raw, breaded and cooked. The color of the trunk is considered a sign of quality. The whiter it is, the higher the price. For a single mussel, gourmets in Asia can pay up to 300 euros.

The triumph of the penis shell

Legend has it that it was in the late 1970s that Japanese immigrated to British Columbia discovered the Geoducks. It reminded them of a seafood from home and quickly gained popularity. The saltwater clam, which is also known as the elephant trunk because of its appearance, became an export good and quickly established itself as an expensive delicacy in Asia.

“Before elephant trunk clams became so popular, they hardly played a role, the fishermen threw them back into the sea. Only since they were considered a delicacy in China have prices increased,” says Ed Sang, who trades in clams in Vancouver “AFP”. Geoducks live almost exclusively in the Northwest Pacific. There they dig deep into the sea floor, they are only visible through the proboscis that protrudes from the ground and with which they suck in plankton. The mussels are exposed by special divers with a high pressure jet.

Elephant trunk clams can live well over 100 years, but reproduce slowly. Therefore there is a strict catch quota. The elephant trunk clams are now also bred. It takes about six years for a farmed clam to mature.


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