The Nice candidate Jean-Marc Governatori expresses his “big doubts” about the result

The Nice candidate for the ecological primary Jean-Marc Governatori has a lot on his heart. The one who “hoped to be in the top two” finally came last, with 2.35% of the vote this Sunday. The other four obtained at least 22%. And for him, it is simply impossible. “I have big doubts about this score, he says. It’s impossible ! Would that mean that I had 25 newsletters per department? With the network that I have and the campaign that I led? », He was surprised on Monday with 20 minutes.

Arrived first and second, it will be MEP Yannick Jadot and economist Sandrine Rousseau who will face each other in the second round of the primary from September 25 to 28 to be the future environmental candidate for the presidential election. For their part, they obtained respectively 27.70% and 25.14% of the votes of the 122,670 participants.

The Niçois will support Yannick Jadot

Without wasting time, Jean-Marc Governatori contacted the Neovote company which organized the ballot for an “expert to go and check the computer system”. He explains: “I have participated in a dozen elections in twenty years and I have never contested one. But there, I find it very mysterious. And if I got involved in politics, it was to fight injustices. I then ask to see more clearly. “

Contacted by Nice morning, the company Neovote sweeps aside the suspicions of the candidate which are, according to it “not serious” and “are a total fantasy”. “Our system is completely reliable,” said a spokesperson quoted by the regional daily.

In the meantime, Jean-Marc Governatori announced that he would support Yannick Jadot for the second round because, according to him, Sandrine Rousseau would be “a problem” for ecology which “the left has seized. “

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