The mobilization of railway workers “will probably go beyond” January 31

No respite for the railway workers. Friday, the secretary general of the CGT-Cheminots Laurent Brun does not intend to stop the fight against the pension reform anytime soon. “We are working on raising the level of mobilization among railway workers and indeed, we will probably go beyond what is programmed by the confederal intersyndicales”, explained the leader of the first SNCF union on RMC.

This Friday afternoon, an inter-union meeting of railway workers must take place to decide on the follow-up to be given to the movement. For good reason, the eight major trade union centers have set the date of January 31 for the next interprofessional mobilization.

46.3% strikers on Thursday

“It is very likely that we will do more than the 31st. Afterwards, will it be before or after, that’s what we are going to discuss this afternoon”, insisted the trade unionist, underlining “the very very strong determination of the agents to weigh “in the debate on pensions.

Thursday, the SNCF recorded a rate of strikers of 46.3%, lower than that of the first day of mobilization in 2019 (55.6%), organized against the first project to reform the pension system, when Laurent Brun evokes for its part “almost 60% of strikers”.

“We are only at the beginning of the process and the government seems to consider that there was a demonstration, that’s how it is, it’s a testimony. […] We are not at the testimonial, we are going to establish a balance of power as the government wishes because that is all it hears, ”said Lauren Brun.

“As my comrades used to say, ”not only do we not give up anything, but we take everything back”. We want a start at 60 for everyone and 55 for difficult jobs,” concludes Laurent Brun.

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