the last gesture of Setha during his elimination impresses the twittos

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She will have marked the adventure “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem” until the end… Setha was eliminated this Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at the end of the meeting of ambassadors. On twitter, her departure was regretted: with her “imaginary immunity necklace”, the candidate was the salt of this season. But fortunately, the ex-yellow offered viewers a good show until the end: a last well-oiled strategy on his part had them glued. And it could well be that even far from the island, Setha continues to influence the game…

Continuation of the adventures of the candidates of “Koh-Lanta, the cursed totem“this Tuesday, April 26, 2022 on TF1, with the episode of reunification. Last week, viewers remained uncertain about the outcome of the negotiation between the ambassadors. Hake for the yellows and Louana for the reds fought tooth and nail not to have to eliminate a member of their teams or risk theelimination.

Finally, it was Colin who cracked before his opponent, preferring to avoid going to the draw. It must be said that the young man who had inherited a cursed totem left with a handicap: while Louana had a one in two chance of being eliminated by the black ball, Colin had him two out of three. Not wishing to risk his place, the young Swiss then chose to eliminate one of his yellow comrades. “I’m not going, it’s too risky for me, madness is good but playing your adventure on two black balls, it’s horrible”, he explained, without forgetting to negotiate in return a few advantages: against his sacrifice, Louana is committed to protecting him during the next four councils, with his ally of the adventure Olga.

It remained for the young man to choose who was going to get out of the game. And it was Setha, the graphic designer mother, whom he designated. Back on the camp, where red and yellow were now united, the time had come to assume his decision in front of his comrades. And the least we can say is that the reaction of the main interested party was direct and sharp: “He has no word. Even with two thirds I would have gone to the black ball […] He is not a man and he was very cowardly“, she notably launched, refusing to greet him when leaving the camp. A reaction which divided on twitter, some having fun, others finding her a bit harsh towards Colin who found himself in a very bad position.

“The false necklace continues the adventure”

But it is above all another gesture of the unfortunate candidate made just before her departure which caused an avalanche of tweets. Since the start of the season, Setha has been entertaining viewers with her imaginary immunity necklace. By making everyone believe that she was protected during the advice, the candidate succeeded several times in reshuffling the cards of strategies and eliminations. Far from wanting to reveal his lie to the adventurers on the occasion of his departure, Setha has found a way to make Yannick benefit from this imaginary sesame. Explaining to her yellow ally that she was actually no longer in possession of the necklace (without however telling him that it had never existed), she suggested that he make others believe that she had donated it to him. for further advice. An additional sleight of hand which caused the admiration and the hilarity of the twittos.

But beware of Louana’s cunning mind. Curious to finally see what Setha’s immunity necklace looked like, the adventurer asked her to show it to her. Setha then took the opportunity to inform him that she had given it to another candidate, without specifying the first name. An ingenious twist, but which seems to have instilled some doubts in Louana’s mind. “This necklace, we hear a lot about it but we’ve never seen it. Either it’s a bluff, or she really gave it away!”, She then reacted. On twitter, many hope that the fate of the imaginary necklace will continue long after Setha’s departure.

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