The L214 association broadcasts the shocking video of a breeding guinea fowl farm

Fervent defenders of the animal cause abstain. In a video released Thursday August 10 and shot in April 2023, the animal defense association L214 highlights one of the four guinea fowl hatcheries in France, located in Maine-et-Loire. For more than two minutes, we see some 4,000 guinea fowl piled up in extremely narrow cages, lined up in a shed and subjected to prolonged artificial lighting.

The images show injured and dying birds. The association denounces the artificial inseminations undergone by the females and indicates that the guinea fowls do not have the possibility of recovering or extending their wings. We can thus see them exhausted and weakened, leading some to death.

L214 announces to file a complaint

The L214 association announces in a statement to file a complaint against the hatchery for “acts of ill-treatment committed on animals by a livestock professional”. The latter would work for the LDC group, the poultry leader in France. The brands Maître Coq, Le Gaulois and Marie belong to this group.

A petition online was also opened by the association which calls for the end of cages for all animals.

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