The jackpot was 240 million: the biggest win in the history of EuroMillions was won this Friday

This Friday, December 8, 2023, the jackpot of 240 million euros, which is the biggest win in the history of EuroMillions, was won.

The record that changes a life. EuroMillions made one happy this Friday, December 8. The biggest jackpot in the history of the game was won by a person who played 17, 30, 42, 48, 50 and the stars on 4 and 8. The winner who should pocket 240 million euros would not have not validated his ticket in France, according to information from Parisian.

A record

The previous record in the history of the game was broken. This gain was then 230 million euros. The latter had been validated in the United Kingdom but no information on the profile of the winner had been transmitted, explains the daily.

But this Friday’s jackpot also beats the French winning record, which is held by a Tahitian, who in 2021 won the tidy sum of 220 million euros. She was playing for the first time in her life and had not played her lucky numbers, she had used the “flash” system, that is to say that the machine chooses numbers for you. It just goes to show that chance does things well…

Even if these amounts make people envious, sometimes it is possible to miss out on the jackpot. At the beginning of October, a Reunion Islander won a million euros, still in the same lottery: EuroMillions. But this winner never came forward despite multiple wanted notices launched by the FDJ. As a result, he lost his winnings.

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