The international federation adapts its concussion protocol, 12 days without playing for the players concerned

Particularly proactive in terms of apprehension of concussions, rugby goes a step further. World Rugby unveiled a new protocol on Tuesday, which is intended to be even more protective of the health of athletes. In most cases, the players concerned will now have to give up on the next match.

“Players, including those with a history of concussion or who have been removed from a game with obvious concussion symptoms, will be unable to play for a minimum of 12 days, likely missing their next game. No player will return to play until the seventh day after injury, and any player’s return must be approved by an independent concussion consultant.

The rule will come into effect on July 1. “World Rugby has an independent concussion task force which advises us on the latest available research and scientific opinion. They came to a consensus that if we took this new approach, it would lead to a better situation for professional players,” says Eanna Falvey, World Rugby Chief Medical Officer.

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