The government raises the ceiling for reimbursement of mission expenses for state civil servants

A big boost for the 2.2 million civil servants in the state civil service. As of Friday, according to the publication of a decree in the Official Journal, they will see the ceilings for reimbursement of mission expenses increased, as was announced in June. Set at 70 euros by a decree dated 2006, the reimbursement of accommodation costs thus increases to 90 euros. Reimbursement could go up to 120 euros for missions carried out in the Greater Paris metropolis, compared to 90 euros until now, and it could even reach 140 euros in intramural Paris (compared to 110 euros until now).

Overseas, reimbursement for overnight stays will also be increased, from 30 to 50 euros compared to the amounts that have prevailed since 2006. Compensation for food costs has also been increased: it goes from 17.5 to 20 euros in overseas and in mainland France, and even 21 to 24 euros in New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna and French Polynesia.

Bonuses but no salary increase

The decree was published more than three months after a series of government announcements intended to cushion the shock of inflation for civil servants. The 5.7 million public agents thus benefited from a general increase of 1.5% in the summer and agents of the State and hospital public services earning less than 3,250 euros gross per month will receive a fixed bonus of 300 to 800 euros. On the occasion of these salary announcements in June, the Minister of the Civil Service Stanislas Guerini also indicated that the ceiling for reimbursement of hotel nights and meal allowances would be increased “by at least 10% from the start of the 2023 school year” .

In a letter sent Thursday to the Minister of the Civil Service Stanislas Guerini, the secretary general of Unsa-Public Service Luc Farré requested “new” salary measures “to compensate for (the) accentuated drop in the remuneration of all public agents in relation to inflation but also in relation to the remuneration of many employees in the private sector”. The fourth public sector union is urging the government to open “salary negotiations for 2024 so that the decisions taken can apply from January 1, 2024”. The government has so far ruled out any new general increase, after that of 3.5% agreed to in 2022 and that of 1.5% decided this summer.

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