The entry into the exit – politics

The German economy is demanding green energy, Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to get out of fossil fuels. But the federal government recently did not agree to the demands of a group of ambitious countries at the World Climate Conference. How serious is Germany about its high ambitions?

Erika Mink-Zaghloul looked a little exhausted. She is responsible for maintaining contact with politicians at the steel company Thyssen-Krupp, and she obviously has a lot to do given the German budget crisis. The steel industry needs billions in investments in order to be able to operate in a climate-neutral manner. Now she was sitting on the podium in the German pavilion at the World Climate Conference in Dubai and explained what the transformation also means: If steel is no longer to be produced using energy from coal, the demand for electricity will increase by a factor of ten in the medium term, she said: ” And everything should be green energy. We need green electricity.”

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