The end of Britney Spears’ guardianship officially requested by her father

Britney Spears’ dad has just taken another step out of control of his daughter’s life. Jamie Spears officially asked the courts on Tuesday to end the measure of supervision under which the American singer has been placed for more than thirteen years, both for the management of her personal life and her financial affairs, according to American media.

Criticized by Britney Spears, who launched a high-profile legal offensive so that he no longer has a say in his life, Jamie Spears agreed last month to give up being the pop star’s guardian. He then wished “to work with the court and his daughter’s new lawyer to prepare for a smooth transition to a new guardian”.

It was then a major victory for the singer, aged 39, and a turnaround for the one who had first challenged the legal proceedings initiated by Britney Spears to withdraw this controversial tutelage. This measure gives her father full control over his finances since 2008, when the singer had raised concerns for his mental health after a highly publicized descent into hell.

“Recently things have changed”

According to US media on Tuesday citing new legal documents filed with the Los Angeles court to review the case, Jamie Spears now believes his daughter “is entitled to ask the court to seriously consider whether this guardianship measure is still necessary. “. The document further claims that nothing in the law compels Britney Spears to undergo a new psychological assessment in order to be able to end this guardianship. The artist had expressly refused this examination when she addressed the court at the end of June via a video link.

“Guardianship has helped Miss Spears get through a major crisis in her life, to recover and move forward in her career, to get her finances and affairs in order. But recently, things have changed, ”underlines the latest request filed by his father. Even if new twists and turns are still possible, the family soap opera could therefore soon come to an end.

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