The crypto unicorn Ledger presents its vision of the future

The key to success. As the FTX affair continues to shake the foundations of Web3 and the trust it inspires, Ledger thrives. Having become a reference in terms of the security of digital assets, the French company has sold more than 6 million of its keys in four years. For those who have NFTs or currencies stored on the blockchain, the device becomes the essential interface prior to any transaction, whether buying, selling or even moving. Additional protection against theft and scams, which have become commonplace in the sector.

Guest of the show 20 Mint au Carré, Tuesday January 24 on Twitch, the vice-president Web3 and metaverse of Ledger, Sebastien Badaulthad come to present the latest product of the brand: the Stax ; as well as the vision of the future and of the digital identity defended by the French icon.

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