“The Creator” in the cinema: Are androids entitled to basic rights? – Culture

You’re happy when you can just watch a science fiction thriller with a multimillion-dollar budget like “The Creator” without having to have basic knowledge of the caliber of a small Latinum. In this price range, hardly anyone in Hollywood dares to leave the protective umbrella of the “Star Wars”, “Star Trek” and Marvel worlds. That’s why it’s astonishing that director Gareth Edwards, of all people, got the green light from Disney for his original script, who hasn’t cut a good figure in the franchise world of the big studios so far. His “Godzilla” was a dud and the reshoots for “Star Wars: Rogue One” are legendary. This could all be forgotten and forgiven in a few days, because “The Creator” actually has everything a genre blockbuster like this needs to have.

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